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About Dexteritas

Dexteritas provides tailor-made financing solutions in non-standard situations. The name originates from Latin and refers to dexterity, skill, prosperity or helpfulness.

Our focus is on medium-sized businesses in the Netherlands. These companies often struggle to find sufficient financing options from traditional lenders, who increasingly prioritise standardised products based on computer-driven risk models. For rapidly growing businesses or in more complex situations, standardised financing options often fail to provide adequate funding to execute the business plan.

For such companies, Dexteritas offers tailor-made financing that takes into account the company, its management, and its business plan. We provide loans and investments across the entire capital structure, tailored to the actual capital needs of the business.

We are an independent investment company managing multiple funds through which we make our investments. The investors in our funds include both institutional investors (funds and insurers) and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), including family offices and foundations in the Netherlands and abroad.