Dexteritas Investment Management B.V. ("Dexteritas") is proud to announce the launch of its first fund, the Dexteritas Dutch Credit Opportunity Fund (the "Fund").

For a long time, Dutch SMEs have been finding it difficult to get adequate financing from their banks. Dexteritas now wants to address this by providing tailor-made financing solutions to medium-sized companies in the Netherlands.

The funding gap for Dutch SMEs has been regularly reported in the press. Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands complain about the requirements set by banks, the lack of flexibility ("one size fits all" approach), insufficient credit and the lack of alternatives to the few large banks.

Through its new investment fund, Dexteritas wants to offer an alternative finance solution to Dutch SMEs. Companies that want to grow faster (either organically or through acquisitions), with a complex financing request, or with changing ownership structures will find the right financing partner in Dexteritas. The Fund offers financing tailored to the actual need and the underlying cash flow profile of the company. The focus is on Dutch SMEs with a turnover between €10 and € 100 million, with a total financing need between €3 and €30 million.

Dexteritas is an asset management company, independent from banks or other financiers. In recent years, Dexteritas has already provided loans in this segment from its own resources. Since its first closing on May 20th, the fund is actively providing new loans while the investment manager continues to raise capital.

Folef Hooft Graafland, one of the managing partners of Dexteritas: "We welcome the interest that investors have shown for our Fund and we thank them for their support and confidence. Given this interest, we hope to grow the Fund size quickly. We see strong demand for our products from potential borrowers."

The founders of Dexteritas have a background in Dutch and international banking. The team has extensive experience in capital markets and corporate finance, in particular in the areas of acquisition and growth finance as well as refinancing and restructuring.

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