portfolio company Hallo acquired by KLAR Partners

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This week hallo, a leading provider of IT services to Dutch SME’s, announced it will receive an equity investment by KLAR Partners.

This investment follows on years of careful execution of an excellent business plan by Hallo. This plan consisted amongst others of a buy & build strategy with rapid integration, supported by organic growth, strong cash generation and continuous improvements in the organisational structure. Always with attention to its customers.

We, at Dexteritas Investment Management, are happy to have been a part in the development of hallo. Almost exactly four years ago we provided our first credit facility to the company, with the aim of helping it in its growth plans. Over the years, we have steadily increased our facilities in line with the growing company; and, every time we increased, we did so with a smile on our face as another step in the evolution had been taken.

Once regulatory bodies have given their consent, we shall be exiting our positions. This time there will be mixed feelings as we are sad to see you leave, but at the same time, with the biggest smile possible as we are convinced this is the right step for the company, its employees and its shareholders.

Thank you hallo, Group, thank you Marc Visser, Barry Wissink and team, but also Vortex Capital Partners and existing shareholders.

Press release by hallo,

Press release by KLAR Partners

Press release by Vortex Capital Partners

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